Pharmaceutical Applications

The pharmaceutical segment is an industry demanding continuous innovation. With new drug delivery discoveries and increasing complexities there is a constant need for new excipients. We have a wide range of excipients to address these challenges. Our excipients help in improving drug delivery, stability of formulation and enhanced bio-availability ultimately benefiting the pharmaceutical industry through optimized drug formulation. Our range of excipients include topical, oral, injectable, soft gel and suppository applications. The principle pharmaceutical applications include the following :-


  1. Dermal creams & Ointments :

We offer the widest range of esters for formulating dermal cream and ointments. Our products serve the following functions :

  • Impart softness on skin
  • Improve flow and form of the formulations
  • Impart special characteristics such as spreadebality, shine.


  1. Novel Drug Delivery System :

Esters form a very important role in trans dermal drug delivery system. Esters enhance drug delivery and hence improve the overall efficiency of a formulation.


  1. Injectables :

Esters play a very important in injectable formulations as they provide safe neutral base vehicles for injections. We also provide some specialised components for  injectables formulations.


  1. Orals – Tablets & Capsules :

Esters serve several functions in oral tablet and capsules applications such as taste masking, tablet coating, enteric tablet coating. We offer a few specialised esters for the same.


Iso Propyl Palmitate (HARIOL IPP) IPP is a dry, soft, non oily emollient generally used in economical formulations. Excellent solvent for mineral oil, silicone and lanolin.  
Cetyl Palmitate Waxy esters that imparts good skin feel properties, it is used as a base material in stick formulations and as an emollient thickener in creams and lotions. Melting range 50 – 55 deg C. a vegetable alternative to Bees Wax CRODAMOL CP
Octyl Palmitate(HARIOL 2EHP) A dry & light, silky emollient. Enhances gloss in hair grooming products. Can be used as a binder cum, dry emollient in powdered applications.  
Glyceryl Palmitostearate Used in tablets and capsules PRECIROL 5
Methyl Palmitate Insoluble ester uses include soap making, defoamers, ink solvents  
Octyl Stearate Colorless, odorless emollient for non-occlusive creams, lotions, bath oils, suntans, anti-perspirants and other topical formulations.  
Cetyl Stearate Significance in pharmaceutical applications, include use in the formulation such as lip balms & chap sticks  
Di Methyl Succinate Used as a source of succinyl radical in API synthesis.  
Tri Butyl Citrate Colorless, odorless ester used as food additive to stabilize foams, also used in pharmaceutical coatings in tablets specifically enteric coated type.  
Acetyl Tri Butyl Citrate (HARIOL ATBC) Used in aerosol bandages as the product is FDA approved for such applications.  
Tri Octyl Dodecyl Citrate (HARIOL O3) Used in place of castor oil in lip care applications such as lip balms, sticks.  
Di Butyl Sebacate (HARIOL DBSb) Low viscosity plasticizer for food wrapping plastic films for incidental food contact application. Also used in ink formulations for ball pen inks.  
Propylene glycol Di Caprylate / DiCaprate (HARIOL PDCC) A vegetable derived fatty acid ester having very low viscosity finds use in IM injections as a carrier base oil.  
Iso Propyl Myristate (HARIOL IPM) General emollient used in formulations for basic emolliency IPM imparts non oily feel due to its ready absorption into the skin  
Myristyl Myristate (HARIOL MM) Waxy esters having lower melting points closer to body temperatures. Imparts an excellent velvety feel to the skin. Particularly useful in preparation of skin care creams, lotions specifically baby care products.  
Cetyl Myristate Similar to Cetyl Palmitate but lower melting point 47-53 deg C.  
Cetearyl Octanoate (HARIOL O1618) Colourless ester possessing a fine ‘dry’ emollience. Imparts smooth after feel, promotes spreading, and reduces stickiness and occlusicity. Particularly useful in non-oily skin care preparations.  
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (HARIOL 538) Colourless emollient. Good fatting oil component used in bath oils, skin care and fatting preparation.  
PEG-6 Caprylic / Capric Glycerides Clear liquid, ester having very high HLB, soluble in water, decreases the defatting action of surfactants in a formulation such as shower gels, foam baths.  
PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate (SUPERSOL) Emollient surfactant having medium HLB value. It lends an emolliency and lubricious skin feel to formulations such as liquid soaps, shampoos, facial cleansers, body washes.  
PEG-8 Caprylic/ Capric Glycerides (MAYASOL) An oil-in-water surfactant used to solubilize active pharmaceutical ingredients and promote drug penetration and permeation. An efficient micro emulsifier for topical gels as well as soft capsules. Labrasol
Spermaceti wax 100% vegetable alternative to animal origin spermaceti wax this wax ester will impart body & softness in a cream/lotion preparation  
Caprylic/ Capric Glyceride Colorless, used in parental as natural carrier oil  
MCT oils Derived from 100% vegetable sources such as coconut oil, universally used base oil for topical and oral preparations. Estol – GTCC Neobee – M5/M20 Myritol – 318 Miglyol – 812 & 810 Labrafac CC
Cetyl Octanoate A colourless and almost odourless emollient finds use in sun screen lotions.  
Octyl Octanoate On account of its very low viscosity, excellent spreadability coupled with extreme light feel character, the product finds useful dermal applications like light creams and lotions.  
Glyceryl Dilaurate A semi solid, low melting ester made using completely naturally derived raw materials. It is used primarily as a water in oil emulsifier. It imparts a lasting emollient feel on skin.  
Cetyl Esters Wax    
Coconut Fatty Acid Esters    
Fractionated Coconut Oil    
Di Methyl Adipate    
Di IsoPropyl Adipate    
Di Butyl Adipate Used as a plasticizer in acrylate based “enteric” coatings for tablets.  
Di octyl Adipate    
Methyl Stearate    
Stearyl Sterate    
Iso Cetyl Stearate    
Tri Ethyl Citrate    
Acetyl Tri Ethyl Citerate    
Di Methyl Sebacate In pharma API synthesis where sebacyl radical is desired di methyl sebacate is often used. The product is 99% pure.  
Di Isopropyl Sebacate Pharma formulations based on mineral oil or petrolatum are often greasy. Its used to reduce greasiness in such formulations.  
Coco – Caprylate/Caprate