Industrial Applications

Lubricants play a very important part in industry. We provide a wide range of esters which find use in formulating industrial lubricants for various applications. This segment has an increasing demand for products that are bio-degradable and more environmental friendly. We now have been a wide range of products to satisfy the industries demand for more eco-friendly products


  1. Lubricants – base stock oils :

We offer a wide range of base oils that meet the needs of the lubricant industry. These base oils provide improved rheology along with longer service life. Applications include engine oils, gear oils, hydrolytic fluids, chain oils. We also make products for hot and cold metal working such as stamping, forging, cold forming, cold rolling. Our base oils are typically designed with the maximum use of renewable components.


  1. Printing inks/pigments :

We offer a few products for using printing ink applications. These are products that are made using naturally derived raw materials which have no volatile components and there by considered to be relatively safer for use. Our products find use in applications such as offset printing inks, screen printing inks, plastisol formulations. Our products are also used for making incidental food contact printing ink applications, since come are there are approved for edible applications as well. We also make a few products for roller cleaning fluids.


  1. Agrochemicals/Pesticides & Insecticides :

The global demand for food and better crop yields has increased focus on prevention of pests and other crop killers. There is also the increasing requirement from the agrochemical industry for environmental safer and “green” based crop protection formulations. To address these demands we have a range of esters specifically designed for use in formulating pesticides and insecticides which are completely bio-degradable. Our products include carrier solvents and diluents for formulating insecticides and pesticides.


  1. Plastic Lubricants :

We offer a wide range of solid and liquid esters which serve as internal and external lubricants in plastic processing such as injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding and blown film application. The esters also impart special characteristics such as anti-static properties, better pigment dispersion, surface modification. Many of iur products are approved for household and human contact plastics.


  1. Textile Lubricants :

In the processing of textiles a wide range of processing aids are required. We offer products as components in such formulations to enhance functions such as faster processing, better dye fixation. Some of our products find use in spin finished oils, sizing formulations as well.

Di Isopropyl Succinate The product is used in the manufacturing of acridone pigments  
Ethyl Lactate Used as a cleaning solvent. Specifically in the electronic industry, printing industry on account of its high evaporation rate  
Tri Butyl Citrate A plasticizer recommended for plasticization of vinyl and cellulosics. It does not support fungus growth.  
Pentaerythritol Tetra Caprylate Caprate A high molecular weight ester having high viscosity and high thermal and hydrolytic stability. Finds use as a base oil in turbine oils, air compressor oils. Especially recommended on account of its high level of biodegradability.  
Pentaerythritol Tetra Oleate A industry standard biodegradable base oil which finds use in hydrolic fluids and greases.  
Pentaerythritol Tetra Cocoate A biodegradable lubricant having good hydrolytic stability.  
Pentaerythritol Tetra Octanoate A saturated high molecular weight ester with a compact structure imparting it excellent high temperature properties. A hydrolytically stable ester for use as a base oil in lubricants  
Trimethylolpropane Tri Caprylate Caprate A saturated polyol ester having low temperature lubrication properties along with high thermal stability. Used as a base stock in making chain oils greases  
Trimethylolpropane Tri Cocoate A thermally stable base stock oil used in formulating rolling oils.  
Trimethylolpropane Tri Oleate A base stock ester oil widely used in formulating general purpose biodegradable lubricants.  
Neopentyl Glycol Di Oleate A synthetic lubricant base stock oil having low viscosity and superior low temperature properties.  
Neopentyl Glycol Di Cocoate A linear polyol ester having good lubrication properties coupled with extreme pressure properties. Used as a base oil in rolling oil formulations.  
Trimethylolpropane tri octanoate A hindered ester having very good hydrodynamic properties with medium polarity. The product displays very good lubrication properties and hence finds use in lubricants.