Functional Foods

Functional foods have been gaining popularity on account of them meeting specific requirements such as balanced energy, enhanced nutritional value, reduced fat and sugar. Some of our products when used as part of functional foods formulations provide balanced energy values without increasing fat content. We also offer some naturally sourced esters which function as excellent emulsifiers for food applications which enhance the shelf life.


  1. Baby care products :
  2. Baby care products include products such as low birth weight foods, baby nutritional supplements, expectant mother care supplements. In each of these products energy and nutritional values need to be critically balanced. We offer products that form critical components of such formulations.


  1. Nutritional supplements :

Energy balancing forms the corner stone of nutritional supplements. We offer  products like MCT which help in achieving the same. We also offer specialised esters to stablize edible formulations.


  1. Parenteral Nutrition :

Parental nutrition is a specialised field demanding utmost care. We offer a few products which serve as carrier oils or nutrition providing fatty components which form a part of total parental nutrition. Applications include injectable and tube-fed formulations.


  1. Confectionery Applications :

An ever-growing market for confectioneries demands complex solutions to ensure products have better shelf life. We offer a few products which act as processing aids in the confectionery industry. Applications include glazing components for candies and sweets, released compounds and waxes for jelly sweets.