Iso propyl myristate (hariol ipm) General ester most widely used as a basic diluents for fragrance’s. serves dually as a diluents and emollient specially where the fragrance is used in skin care applications such as deodorant sprays.
Cetearyl octanoate (hariol o1618) Colorless products possessing a fine ‘dry’ emollience and serves dually as a diluents and emollient specially where the fragrance is used in skin care applications such as creams and lotions. Imparts smooth after feel, promotes spreading, and reduces stickiness and occlusicity. Used in all cosmetics. Particularly useful in non-occlusive skin and make-up preparations, hair care preparations.
Peg-7 glyceryl cocoate (supersol) Fragrance diluter specifically for partly water solubllization.
Cetyl acetate Colorless low viscosity product. Used as a fragrance diluents especially for acetate based fragrances.
Iso propyl palmitate (hariol ipp) Water white and odorless diluents generally used in economical formulations. Excellent solvent for mineral oil, silicone and lanolin.
Octyl palmitate(hariol 2ehp) Light base ester used as a diluents in fragrances specifically for hair care applications such as hair oils.
Peg-8 caprylic/capric Glycerides (mayasol) An oil in water surfactant used to solubilize water soluble fragrances ingredients An efficient micro emulsifier for topical gels as well as soft capsules.
C1215 Light linear structured ester specifically used as a diluents for fragrances for sunscreen applications.
Tri ethyl citrate Citric acid based ester made from totally naturally ingredients. This serves the dual purpose of acting as a solubilizer cum anti-microbial agent especially in body deodorants applications.
Mct oils Derived from 100% vegetable sources such as coconut oil, universally used base oil for fragrance dilutions specially where in natural origin material is a must.
Di ethyl succinate A fruity smelling ester typically used to impart fruity fragrance
Butyl lactate A fragrant compound used in the formulation of fragrances
Hariol fco Fractionated coconut oil, is an odourless and tasteless fractionated coconut oil. Widely used in flavor applications as an oily diluent.
Tec An edible citrate ester very widely used in coating applications, where a microbially stable product is desired.
Hariol cor Coconut oil raffinate, is a buttery fat portion derived from fractionating coconut oil. It imparts the grainy feel of ghee without the rancidity. Product is extremely stable and have a much superior shelf life than the traditionally used butters.
Mayol hf Hard Fat, is a calibarated fat made using fractions of fatty acids derived from vegetable origin. These products have sharp melting ranges and have excellent use in applications such a chocolate flavouring.
Glyceryl palmitostearate A higher melting wax, neutral in taste. It is used in taste masking by encapsulation applications.
Caprylic/capric triglyceride 100 % vegetable origin material having no solubility in water. Used as a base oil for solubilization of oil soluble flavours. Also finds application in the bakery industry as a release oil and glazing oil.
Cetyl palmitate As a 100 % vegetable derived wax substitute for bees wax. The product has no colour or smell when compared with traditionally used bees wax.
Ethyl lactate Its used in the manufacturing of fragrant compounds
Glyceryl stearate citrate An emulsifier made using naturally derived raw materials completely edible in nature finds use in many edible applications.
Ethyl benzoate A fruity smelling ester used as a perfumery compound
Ethyl octanoate A high purity ester having a fruity smell typically used in fragrances