Ethyl lactate Used in the manufacturing of bio-based nail polish removers. It is non-toxic in natur .  
Cetyl lactate An emollient that helps improve skin texture. Typically used in hair colors, bleaches and facial cleansers.  
C12-C15 alkyl lactate A linear long chain lactic acid ester typically used in skin preparation and deodorants.  
Tri octyl dodecyl citrate A high molecular weight citrate ester having excellent thermal and oxidative stability. Recommended for use in sun screen lotions body creams, lip balms and lip sticks.  
Glyceryl stearate citrate A solid waxy ester used as an emulsifier in making creams and lotions. The product is made from completely  
C12-C15 alkyl benzoate A dry felling emollient typically used in imparting gloss and shine in hair care products. In topical applications it is specifically used in formulating sun screen creams and lotions on account of its dry feel  
Myristyl lactate a very soft emollient having moisturising capability on sensitive skin such as lips, underarms.  
Pentaerythritol tetra caprylate caprate A high molecular weight ester having high viscosity suitable for application in skin care preparations, particularly recommended for enhancing gloss  
Pentaerythritol tetra stearate A solid waxy ester having high melting point. Finds use in stick form formulations imparting a matte finish.  
Pentaerythritol tetra octanoate Colorless high molecular weight ester which gives excellent pigment dispersion in color cosmetics such as lipsticks. Also used in powder cakes such as rouges.  
Neopentyl glycol di caprylate caprate A linear polyol ester having excellent biodegradability. The product is soluble in most hydrophobic solvents. The product displays excellent solvency and long-lasting silky feel on skin.  
Neopentyl glycol di octanoate A saturated polyol ester having good slip with dry feel on skin. It is used as a non-volatile alternative to cyclomethicone in cosmetics.  
Cetearyl octanoate It is a colourless odourless, light, non-sticky emollient. It is freely miscible in vegetable, mineral, synthetic oils and fats. By virtue of these qualities, it is widely used in cosmetics.  
Octyl octanoate A short chain ester which is hydrolytically very stable. The product has excellent compatibility with pigments and best suited for colour cosmetics as an emollient cum colour dispersant  
PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate An industry standard emulsifier having a median HLB value of 7. The product finds use as a solubility promoter for essential oils and actives.  
Pentaerythritol tetra cocoate A high molecular weight ester having a very compact molecular structure. This results in a product capable of forming heavy film on skin. Typically used in “leave-on” type creams/lotions.  
Decyl oleate It is an ester made using natural origin materials. The product is linear in structure and hence used as a lubricant on skin to impart soft and smooth appearance. It is also used in makeup removal.